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Internet Marketing

Ebay Sales, CraigsList, Google, Auto Sales, Real Estate, Social Media & Email Campaigns!

Organizing, Business Marketing Strategies.

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Apple/Mac "Hands on Computer Training" Classes for Children, Adults, Students, Seniors and Veterans...
Since 2001

We also help Small Business, Non Profit Organizations and Foundations get Organized. To improve your business means to move forward from your present position. That could mean Increase profits, reduce lossess, expand markets, increase funding or get more customers. To improve your business you must know how to Organize it. No business is to small or big to get Organized!


Business Organizing
Business Management
• Staff Training
• Full Check Sheets
• Beginners Basic Computer, Word Processing & Graphics
• Internet
• Web Marketing
• Word Processing, Graphics and more
• 10 reasons to add a computer class to your Organization... Click Here

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