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Business Organizing:

Have you started a Company/Business or are thinking of Starting a Business / Non Profit and are having problems getting it going? Your basics of organizing may be missing. Before you invest any $Money$ in a business get ORGANIZED!

Organize: arrange into a structured whole; order,
• coordinate the activities of (a person or group of people) efficiently : organize and lead a group of people. From this, one gets the term organization.

There is a difference between directing and doing, which some people have trouble separating apart. A person in charge of an activity is sometimes found deficient in organizational understanding and so tries to do all the actions himself.

An active and competent person can do things better. But he can really never do more than he can do. A well-organized group, each with specialized functions, coordinated by the person In-Charge, can accomplish many times the work only one can do.

If the Group is organized, it will make it harder to fail than an individual doing the same activities! A competent individual who has been let down too often by groups tends to take it all on himself rather than whip the group into shape and get things organized.

An executive or owner of an organization may just not understand what is meant by organize. For example, a company owner wants to organize his business, he doesn’t know much about it. The incorrect action is to try to organize the company himself or put time and money into it not knowing. The correct thing to do is to call up someone who does know.

This comprehension of organization is as simple as this—put somebody on the job who knows and let him get it done.

You may be good at making tables or building cars, but any project no matter how small, has to be organized. Any person who starts or Runs a Business has to have Training in Business Management / Organizing and can plan a business for it to be successful.
Business Organizing
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