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Youthtec Training Packages

The U.S Department of Education sponsors a variety of grant-funded initiatives to encourage computer and technology training in the classroom. You may be missing that extra funding for your Organization.

If you would like to set up or add a computer course/training for your School, Business Organization, Non-Profit. We will set you up with a Customized turn-key operation consisting of the following:

• Apple Imac Computers
• All software Installed as needed
• All Training Material
• Full Student Check Sheets

• We teach your Staff to Teach Students

Here are some of the Courses we offer:

Essential Basics, Designed for people with little or no experience:
• Beginners Basic Computer
• Word Processing Basics
• Graphic Basics

Computer Classes:
• Internet
• Email
• Web/Website Marketing (Google / Autoresponders / email)
• Internet Sales
• (Ebay / Paypal / Craigslist & more)

Custom Packages are designed to fit your needs and tailored for your level and area of Business!

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