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We use one-on-one Apple/Mac computer training for children with special needs or disabilities, including children with cerebral palsy, and developmental delay. We offer Information for Parents of Children with Disabilities.

Our Kids....

We especially care about our kids with Cerebral Palsy, it is a medical condition that results in a person having reduced control over movement and posture.

Cerebral Palsy is often the result of a medical mistake that allowed the child to be deprived of adequate oxygen during pregnancy, labor or delivery. This lack of oxygen causes brain damage that results in Cerebral Palsy. It is often accompanied by reduced mental function, impaired speech, vision or hearing. A child with Cerebral Palsy may experience trouble both sitting up and walking, or be affected by involuntary actions, such as drooling.

The child may also have difficulty writing or cutting with scissors. Parents are often left with the incorrect impression that their child simply has a birth defect that couldn't be prevented.Most parents have no way of knowing what happened to their child and many do not know where to begin to search for answers. Parents who have a child suffering with Cerebral Palsy should email us at:
You can also contact:
United Cerebral Palsy National

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